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Stewart Pearce - The Master of Voice and Presentation Coach

Stewart was born in London UK and having trained as an Actor Teacher worked in Repertory Theatre during the 1970’s. Then in 1980 his practice as a Voice Coach began teaching under the auspices of Cicely Berry at the ‘Guildhall School of Music & Drama’, after which Stewart became the Head of Voice at the prestigious ‘Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art’ from 1981-1997.

During that time frame Stewart also worked pervasively throughout the theatre industry, at the ‘Actors Centre’ in the West End of London, and as a coach with many major companies such as the ‘Actors Touring Company’. From 1997-2010 Stewart became the Master of Voice at ‘Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’ for Mark Rylance, the first Artistic Director of the newly reconstructed Theatre. Yet in addition Stewart regularly coached premier theatre companies such as Classic Stage Ireland, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, the Long Wharf Theater Connecticut, The Royal Court Theatre, and Sonia Friedman Productions in the West End. Clients have included luminaries of the entertainment industry such as Frances Barber, Minnie Driver, Kathryn Hunter, Vanessa Redgrave, Janet MacTeer, Michelle Williams, Emilia Clarke, Gwendoline Christie, Jonathan Cake, Simon Callow, Hugh Bonneville, Matthew Goode, Eddie Redmayne, Mark Rylance, and Sebastian Stan.


“Our voices tell our stories, they are the very blueprint of our psyche, and how we use our voice utterly changes our lives”


In addition, Stewart has coached many eminent personalities such as Diana Princess of Wales, Dame Anita Roddick, Benazir Bhutto, Mo Mowlem, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, and the LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC BID. Currently he works throughout the international corporate market, dealing with many aspects of the presentation process including authentic communication, presence & vocal gravitas, persuasive presentation and The Voice of Change. Having experienced leading empowerment models, such as NLP, Stewart brings creative self-development issues to the arena of personal presentation.Clients have included: Allen & Overy, L`Oreal, BT, BBC, ITN World News, McKinsey & Co, Merrill Lynch, WPP Spark Lab Programs, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Momentum PR Dubai, Vidal Sassoon, Redken, Young & Rubicam, The Soul Cycle, Toni&Guy, and McKenzie Boston.

Stewart’s seminal text ‘The Alchemy of Voice’ was published in 2005 by Hodder & Stoughton, and then republished by Findhorn Press in 2010, and he regularly appears in the media addressing the issues of Voice and Persona as powerful expressions of human integrity.

Stewart has also pioneered sound as a healing modality since 1987, practicing at the College of Psychic Studies, London from 2008 – 2016. The other books he has published are “Angels and the Keys to Paradise”, “The Angels of Atlantis” Book & Oracle, the “Angelic Heart Sigils Oracle”, “The Hearts Note” alongside several award-winning recordings, such as the “Angels of Atlantis Soul Calls”.

In January 2020 Stewart was thrilled to publish his fifth book:

DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE which throws a new light on the most famous woman of her time, as well as drawing the reader to their own dazzling transformation. Having coached Diana during the last two years of her life, Stewart writes of her extraordinary essence, how she evolved into radiance, and how her personal challenges, largely created through the rebuke and repudiation of the Patriarchy were transmuted by powerful exercises, meditations, prayers and affirmations, many of which he has included in his book. The read is a truly unique insight into one the most extraordinary social pioneers of her time.

from an astrological perspective

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Lady Di as she was known before her days as the Princess of Wales was born in Norfolk, England under the Sun sign of Cancer on July 1st, 1961. The unique constellations surrounding Diana’s birth moved her into the realm of the Divine Mother. Cancerians need to nurture and be nurtured, and the huge void created in Diana’s heart by the departure of her own Mother when she was only six, left a huge gash that Lady Diana Spencer spent her whole life trying to heal.

In soul terms, Princess Diana’s abandoning Mother, and then unattending Husband, created a powerful catalyst within her, to project into the world the qualities of the Divine Mother. Therefore, Diana’s intimacy with her two adoring sons, her easy associations with the many people she cared for, and the unique affiliations she created with charitable institutions created a precious and powerful healing within her being, but also fulfilled these archetypal yearnings within her, and moved her further into her intimate relationships. Therefore, Lady Di created a ‘hug heaven’, which she hadn’t experienced during childhood, except perhaps in the adoring relationships she created with her younger brother and the myriad of pets.

Cancer, of all the signs in the Zodiac has an immensely protective nature, and so Lady Di deeply desired to hold her dear ones close, to hold her children safe, to hold the sanctuary of her love in a highly protected fashion, so that the People’s Princess protected her sons from the demanding nature of their Royal roles, from the wounding energies of the world. Lady Diana’s rich empathy, enfolding kindness, and heartfelt love were all organic attributes of her Sun in Cancer – a sign that promotes a laser like intelligence for perceiving the minute non-verbal cues expressed by others which show their weakness, their needs, their vulnerabilities, and their desires – Diana had this skill aplenty. Hence her early title of People’s Princess!

Princess Diana’s astrological chart as the ‘people’s princess’ also possessed other outstanding features that gave rise to the nature of the many contradictions that often surfaced in her. Lady Di’s Moon was in Aquarius, and this meant that she resonated with the broader nature of humanity, which could easily help her to project her care into large groups of people, including nations, and whole cultures. At the same time, she felt challenged by those who broke loyalty, and who appeared brittle in relation to her rich empathy.

The empathy lodged within the status of the Moon, in this sign of the Zodiac, brings an individual’s caring to the fore, and in the Princess of Wales case she attended to the dispossessed, the homeless, the HIV sufferers, the dying, the disabled, the mentally ill, and the disenfranchised equally. The alleviation of their suffering became Diana’s principle mission, and her natural heart-borne charity, created a bravery that cut through royal protocol, and established her own way of loving, loving those she felt needed it most, particularly loving the downtrodden. Within this she was fearless, and she would take refuge in her charitable activities until they were too draining, then would fairly and graciously move to other activities. Like most empaths she learned to know how to flow with the energies of her love, but if thwarted would move to where the greatest energetic charge would be, to elevate herself once more into joy. Learning to say ‘No!’ was a difficult but well-earned lesson.

The contrast between her sun in Cancer and moon in Aquarius was also highly apparent in Princess Diana’s being. This combination of forces brought about a subtle percolation of her energies, which created a point in focus that became rather like an off/on switch between the personal and impersonal, the attached and detached, the formal and the informal. These qualities alone indicated how flexible Lady Diana was, with a scope of immense versatility in her nature.

The Princess of Wales also had Sagittarius as a rising sign, which meant that she made light of the pompous, raised a smile for those who were in awe or vulnerable, created play, fun, and adventure wherever she went, and shimmered with a freedom which lifted any atmosphere. The Queen of Everybody’s heart also had global appeal, holding affinity with the differing cultures of the world, and this meant that she effortlessly transcended any social boundary, which made her unstoppable. Sagittarius is the sign of the person who is in constant movement and development, and Diana often talked to me about how much she wanted to grow, learn, succeed, or indeed had learned. All of these skills and awareness she used to strengthen and enrichen her life. In association with this, she possessed a philosophic, spiritual intelligence that moved her inexorably to find answers, superseding any limitation or difficulty, which ultimately helped her to become the embodiment of grace and charm.

Diana’s intense personal life was astro-threaded throughout her chart. Her Moon, for example, in combustion with Venus, Uranus and Mars, created an immensely volatile combination, that provided little emotional containment, and so constantly challenged her to acquire something new, to explore, or to change the status quo.

The thousand shocks and knocks she sustained through her marriage were a product of this combustible union. Yet, the force that moved her into feeling downtrodden, the force that earlier had kept old wounds open, eventually made Diana brave, and so she sought out aid and healing, rather than suffering in silence. The ripple effect of these colliding energies became the force with which she faced the Royal Family, and so eventually she became the essence of the voice of change, both literally and metaphorically.

Lady Di literally promoted seismic shifts in her contact with the Royals, their protocol, their way of relating, their behavior – even to the point of changing the traditional silence of Royal Mourning post her death. Diana, single handedly forced the Royal family to accept, adapt and modernize their modus operandi – in this Diana was an immensely brave pioneer.

Princess Diana’s Mars and Pluto energies were also placed so close together that they produced a passionate and powerful combination of force. Therefore, Diana was well aware of how she needed to retain, regain, and register her personal power, heal the emotional-instability and heart-gashes of earlier years, and transform or transcend, through levitating over the staggeringly cruel forces that sought to destroy her, within the Royal Households and the Political Regimes.

Diana’s desire to eliminate landmines was a literal reflection of this. Her wish to stop the hidden abuse of power (for she knew all about the buried missiles in life that could erupt unexpectedly) was vast, and one of her biggest achievements and most pronounced legacies was the ratification of her wish to change the use of landmines.



“We are precious, make no mistake, and each one of us is destined to live that special force. We are magnificent human beings who have been given an almighty gift – the ability to create our own lives without limitation. Then along comes an anointed one, who given the chance shines as brightly as the pole star. These are the shining ones who lead the way, and Diana was such a one!”