The voice of change is fully owned by the speaker, as it physically resonates from our core, clarified by distinct diction, reverberating its primal note, honed by the beauty of its physical capacity, and crafted by the majesty of its mental clarity. The voice of change allows the soul of the speaker to shape the destiny of their message, and this claims a position of unique brilliance. The voice of change has only one clear quest, that the pathway of destiny be laid with silver and gold, leading the individual to an open heart and a creative excellence, full of the love of the Universe.

If you can follow Marianne’s voice, you will be bettered, excited, educated, and enthralled, for her voice is the voice of the zeitgeist wishing to be fully appreciated, loved, and given space to breathe. Best of luck Marianne on your ascendency to a position of outstanding moral leadership, whether this be as President (I do hope so), or through another role within a new paradigm leadership model. Our prayers and love are with you.

Stewart Pearce
Master of Voice & Presentation