In the current political debate, Marianne’s voice of change rings as clear as a bell, resonant with dignity, decency, and democratic philosophy. Whatever you say in praise or denial Marianne’s voice is not based on falsehood, but rather on the positivism of good sense, love, and right-doing. And make no mistake, Marianne’s message is powerfully singular for she uses the voice of love. Whereas her intelligent and well thought out policies, are pragmatically pluralized. This became pretty obvious to millions of US citizens, who preferred clicking the Google coverage of Marianne’s second CNN Debate appearance, rather than any other candidate. Why? Because her heart and soul speak of the multifaceted nature of the politics of love, not idly or vapidly. but with devotion and genuine kindness for the American people, and in respect for the unique nature of the US constitution. And yet it seems this has made a number of people uneasy, and I believe it is because her voice resonates a different form of oratory than anything they’ve heard before – or does it?

Marianne’s voice may be startling the atmosphere of the current political arena, yet something very similar was heard fifty years ago during the 1960’s. Then two brave men spoke with heartfelt eloquence and soulful poetry, about social injustice, moral iniquity, racism and social hatred. Yet they were lamentably snuffed out by the assassin’s gun. Like candles of hope and freedom, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy rose with voices of love during the era of the 1960’s, and now we hear a similar voice arise, but with the dulcet tones of a true woman with a heart of fire. This voice stirs our hearts, and mines our souls, as she incites the USA to take a moral inventory of all the knowledge its gained, all that its lost in flagrant stupidity, and all its squandered by eschewing the psychic wounds of Racism, Bigotry, Economic Injustice, and Moral Turpitude. For make no mistake this voice is founded on a bedrock of truth, it has nothing to gain but the freedom of the American people!