Significantly, Marianne’s voice of change, is achieving something remarkable within the consciousness of the American people, even though at the same time she receives countless jibes, mocking memes, wackadoodle woo-woo invectives, caustic slurs, trifling diminutions, indecent rudeness, and heavy leanings on the rite of the first amendment. These disharmonic voices claim that Marianne is a New Age Guru who doesn’t know what she’s talking about, even though she has been active as an international speaker for thirty-five years and has a stream of New York Times best sellers, married to a public esteem that would crush the feint hearted. In addition, Marianne has created the LA based project Angel Food for Aids sufferers and is involved in a number of other worthy concerns, that help the oppressed to recovery.

Through the storm of these impolite invectives, I can only surmise that those who jibe with cynicism are really saying: “There is little love in my heart with which to help heal the chaos of the USA, with its amoral economic system, corrupted central governments, and highjacked value system. There is little love in my soul with which I can hope to turn around the plight of the children of the world, some of whom suffer intolerable hardships in unprecedented proportion. There is no truth in the nature of climate change!” Otherwise surely, people would sit up, shut up, and listen to the iridescent common sense of this captivating speaker. She speaks of unique policy choices in a voice of emotional depth that illustrates how much she cares for the American people. She lasers to the very causation of why the US is facing its greatest crisis, since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. She knows that the proliferation of this crisis is not just within the USA, but expand throughout the Global Community, because she knows there is no ‘me’ only ‘we’!