There is an old proverb from the Far East, which says:
“When the women’s voices are roused, mountains will move!”

If you haven’t heard as yet, there is a lone female voice that currently startles the monolith of American Politics and quakes the bedrock of the USA ruling elite. What’s interesting about this magnetic voice is that the speaker hasn’t as yet gained office in the Senate but is an inspirational and charismatic leader of an altogether different arena, the growth industry of the human potential movement.

In the current race for Democratic nomination, this fine woman is wholeheartedly intending to be voted as the forty-sixth Supreme Commander of the USA. ‘What hubris!’ you may say, and yet what’s special about this candidate is the notion that serving her country in the role of President would be an act of devotion, and not an egoic pursuit. Many millions of her followers, simply feel that she can do a much better job than the present incumbent, because of her moral backbone and soulful intelligence, and anybody who has seen her in action, has seen that she can second guess even the most loquacious political pundit. This voice of change is the petite, elegant, gracious, feisty, soulful, and powerful emotional intelligence of Marianne Williamson!