“HIV doesn’t make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it.”

At the time of her tragic death, Diana the People’s Princess had become the Queen of everybody’s Heart. But now, the instrument of her unique love, the tenderness of her heartfelt compassion, the definition of her role as an Ambassador for Peace, all and more are these details can also elevate our consciousness as we review her life. When Diana made the decision to shake the hands of the Aids patients she met without gloves, she shook the world into a new reality, and it is this reality that shakes us now, as each of us has our own part to play, for nothing is expected or required of us that we don’t already have to give. As Diana showed we are all needed, we all have our own unique gifts and qualities, we all know what our destinies can be. If we can just give ourselves time to be still, and feel within what Diana was all about, then it will be our hearts that will define our own specific calling!

Some of you will educate, some will learn, some of you will feel politically active, and some will make dinner. Some of you will be compassionate to the poor, and some will legislate social change. Some of you will make babies, and some will create other projects. And just as Diana did, some of you may anonymously visit people in hospital, or sit with those who are lonely, unwell, or lost, and bring comfort. The Diana Heart Path will give you the inspiration to see what you can do to fashion your own charity, and so please do click on the website when you get a moment.

As Diana said:
“I can’t be indifferent to those who suffer or need care. I can’t ignore social unfairness or injustice. I can’t turn a blind eye to the homeless. We must believe that our voices and actions will change the world, and then find a way of speaking forth about the change that is needed – this is our moral imperative!”