Diana wanted you to feel that you are loved, that you are comforted, that you are secure, and that when you feel this love you will also find your purpose is to love in like measure, starting with yourself. Diana believed that if we are filled with love, a power arises within us to create a life of infinite possibility. And Diana showed by example, for she believed that within our being is a love that can direct you to think and feel in ways that reflect and attract all the love that you want. This type of thinking and feeling is called ENLIGHTENMENT, and this state of being defines a choice that is available to you in every moment.

We live in such turbulent times, and it is easy to feel our internal value system askew. It’s easy to feel dislodged with all our values barracked against each other, arguing about which way we should view right and wrong, good or bad, just and unjust, fair or rude. Often, we abandon our own value system under the weight of the rules the world gives us. Then a gulf emerges between what feels right within and what is real without. The elements of affection and sharing used at home become distorted by the uncaring nature of the world. The common good we feel within our family or with intimate friends who give us safety and comfort, is replaced by a rapacious desire to personally succeed. This egocentric behavior drives us to elbow people out of the way, rather than to step aside in grace. Then sooner or later we realize life is full of rushing, competing our way to the finishing line, and just like the horizon, the finishing line keeps moving further and further away!

Always remember, Diana journeyed into the pit of her own despair for some time, like many of us do, just as you might be doing right now. But then she steadily climbed to a new way of being, that allowed her light to shine more brightly, with a self-love that encouraged many to feel the same. Diana stopped thinking of herself as a random piece of flotsam and jetsam, living within a cruel universe that didn’t care. She turned all the limiting beliefs that once held her prisoner, into a creation of pure wonder and magic. For she found that, if she believed in herself to be the effect of a loving world, her light shone in a special way like a beacon of compassion that brought miracles to happen. Whereas if she thought ‘victim thoughts’ she fell foul to challenging situations which debilitated her, bringing the demons of fear, denial, guilt and shame to the fore. Diana may have been victimized, but she rarely saw herself as a victim, so her light became not just an attainment, but a true delight!

ENLIGHTENMENT is the answer to every horrible situation in life. If you can readjust your thinking to realize that within each situation that may have control over you, within every experience that gives rise to the feeling that you are merely the effect of an angry cause, within every drama where you feel fear, your soul is beckoning you to know that the Divine lives within you, and there is no force that the Divine cannot manage. There are no mortal situations where you are powerless if you believe in a higher power!

Instead, pause, detach, feel stillness and note that whenever your essence is obscured by the cantankerous nature of the world, you may also think another thought, and so remember that the Divinity in the Universe gave birth to you. The Universe is similarly designed to uplift you, moving you back into a state of natural innocence, wonder, joy and freedom. And when you remember that the Universe is a personal love letter written to you by the Divine, the world will appear to be rich and abundant!

Diana believed that she was an expression of Divine perfection, and that the majesty of the universe, was an implicit force organized and aligned by the intelligence of the Source for all sentient beings. She felt that from spiritual essence arose all material manifestation, and that this was the distinguishing principle of the Universe. Just consider for a moment that the law of gravity isn’t just a belief, but a truth. Can you see that this is true, whether you believe it or not? You see, Diana realized that all spiritual values are a modus operandi, designed to help us live our consciousness out loud, living lives that express greatness, goodness, and peace.