This book is a dedication to Diana’s unique love, and so my writing does not include ridiculous disclosures, discredits, or hearsays that would trifle Diana’s life or provide expositions of her innermost secrets. Rather this is an account that addresses the very essence of who and what Diana was and is, so that we may comprehend her true significance, and heal the lamentation of her passing, a profound sadness that still scores the hearts and souls of many. My wish is to reinterpret her glory, to take example from her unique experience, and so help to empower and inspire the women of the world.

We also need to celebrate the enormity of what Diana gave us, the gifts that provide reason for her extraordinary life and death. For her life was a cipher by which the women of the world can also be read. Therefore, you may want to ask these candid questions –

  1. Who was Diana, in the sense of where did her energy arise from?
  2. Was her position in the royal family significant to their lives at a time when the Monarchy was seen to be unnecessary?
  3. What was her extraordinary public appeal based on?
  4. Was her death a ritual killing, or an archetypal sacrifice?
  5. Why was she taken from us?
  6. Will Diana’s memory ever fade?
  7. What was the phenomena that took place at her death which affected us all, changing billions of people’s lives?
  8. Will the vital qualities of her being, her compassion, kindness and immediacy, assist the people of the world to uplift themselves into positions of even greater emotional truth and intelligence?
  9. Will Diana’s presence be further realized through knowing that love is the purest factor in all our lives?
  10. What contribution can the life of Diana provide to our lives, in this seething world of Trump and Brexit?
  11. What is Diana now?
  12. Where is she? – as so many people feel her to be immensely close to them

All these questions and many others are the substance of my account, where I aim to answer the answerable and question the unquestionable!