“Diana’s death released an archetypal impulse from the energy cache known as the Divine Feminine into our midst, and therefore the creation of a new way of being. This force was positively seismic, with the effect of its power rippling out, and it still remains with us today.

This special force is universally known as ‘Shakti’. It is a primordial energy representing a dynamic force within the Cosmos, and in Hinduism is believed to be the creative power of the Divine Mother. When experienced it becomes a mighty, mysterious, psycho-spiritual power, that alters one’s reality forever. Many who experienced this wave of Shakti at Diana’s passing were no longer in denial of how their lives had been affected by her, because they felt their own profound shift from unloving to loving, from disgrace to grace. Not through sentimentality but rather by discerning where kindness, gratitude, love generosity, and gentleness were missing in their lives – then how life needed to become more expressively compassionate.

In order to comprehend the intensity of Shakti, not unlike the Holy Spirit, we first need to acknowledge that this archetypal force lives far beyond our own personal capacity to perceive. You see the universe is orchestrated to work through certain spiritual values and laws that also supersede the known mechanistic world-view. The Globe is not a piece of matter hurtling through space, uncaring, insouciant, and emitting random expressions as a series of biological impluses. No, the Planet is a living, breathing expression of love in all things!”